Facebook launches Watch tab for TV shows and live sports

Facebook debuted a feature to take on TV companies and streaming services like Netflix and YouTube today with the launch of Watch. Watch will feature both user generated content and original, high-quality video.

“We hope Watch will be home to a wide range of shows — from reality to comedy to live sports. Some will be made by professional creators, and others from regular people in our community,” CEO Mark Zuckerberg said today in a Facebook post.

Watch videos will be found in a dedicated tab in the social app where videos you see will be determined based on the kind of videos your friends and everyone else on Facebook are watching. The latest from your favorite shows as well as saved videos can be seen in your watchlist.

Video to be showcased on Watch at Facebook will include Returning the Favor with Dirty Jobs star Mike Rowe, a live Major League Baseball game once a week, and the A&E series Bae or Bail. There’s also Nas Daily, a show where the rapper Nas makes videos with his fans, and Kitchen Little, a show where kids tell professional chefs how to cook based on DIY videos they watched.

Other potential content could come from new media companies like Vox and BuzzFeed, who signed a deal with Facebook in May.

At launch, Watch is available to a limited number of U.S. users. Zuckerberg offered no additional details about when Watch will become available to the wider general public.

In June, Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook was in talks with Hollywood studios to create original programming to reach Millennial video watchers.

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Author: Khari Johnson

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